Mian Afzal Memorial Hospital implemeants the verious Projects and Programs with the support of national & international donners. These programs includes spiritual work religious studies and physical activities. Treatment includes medicine for depressed or other disorders. MATH Projects addressed in many drugs rehabilitation program by attempting to teach the patients new methods of interacting in a drug-free invironment.
MATH's Projects/Programs offers help in drug rehabilitation, including residential treatment (in-patient), out patient, local support groups, extended care centers, addiction
counsiling, mental health and medical care.

  • MATH established in 2001 and providing rehabilitation services to drug users with the support of INL Pakistan since 2012. Hospital is the biggest Drug treatment facility in Punjab and running a comprehensive drug treatment and rehabilitation program in 20 Kanal area (2.5 Acre) with the capacity of 125 beds. Fish farm, Vegetable farm and Nursery are also a part of a rehabilitation program.


    MianAfzal Trust has established a Drug Treatment & Rehabilitation Centre in the premises of central jail Gujranwala, for the capacity of 15 beds with the collaboration of Jail Administration for drug treatment and Rehabilitation of jail inmates. This Centre inaugurated on 26th Feburary-2011 by Honourable Syed Kazam Raza Shamsi, District & Session Judge, Gujranwala.


    MATH has established a unique drug treatment & Rehabilitation Centre in Gujranwala since May-2010. The Centre has the capacity of 15 beds. This is single project in Pakistan, which is providing free residential & home based drug treatment to women and children with the support of INL Pakistan U.S Embassy, Islamabad. The residential services are discontinue at this time due to issue of rental building but the follow up services like counseling are provided as outpatient.


    The basic objectives of the project are drug abuse prevention among youth, students, labour , general population and to sensitize families, community leaders for the prevention of drug abuse. MATH has developed a well-planned program for youth & other high-risk groups through organizing the prevention activities so that the community could be prevented from harms of drugs and spent healthy life.

      1. Awareness Program(s)| 2. Life Skills Training(s)| 3. Healthy Activities for Drug Prevention| 4. Stage Play/Drama(s)| 5. Advocacy| 6. Counseling|

    MATH has conducted different trainings on Substance Use Disorders and Life Skills for drug treatment & prevention professionals, Psychologists, Sociologists and Youth to cope with day to day mater effectively. MATH is also providing education, trainings and internship to the students of psychology, sociology, social work and other related social science from the different universities, institutes, and colleges like Sargodha University, Government Post Graduate College for women, Royal College of Management Sciences, Soft Solution College, Gift University etc.
    Welcome! The overall goal of the training series is to reduce the significant health, social, and economic problems associated with substance use disorders (SUDs) by building international treatment capacity through training, professionalizing, and expanding the treatment workforce. The training prepare counselors for professional certification at the entry level by providing the latest information about SUDs and their treatment and facilitating hands-on activities to develop skills, confidence, and competence. For more details please visit links given below:

    TRAINING OF ADDICTION PROFESSIONALS  MATH has signed Memorandum of understanding (MOU) with International Centre Credentialing and Certification (ICCE) Colombo Plan Sri Lanka as an education provider. MianAfzal Trust Hospital will conduct trainings of universal treatment curriculums (UTCs)for addiction professionals and also facilitate the professionals for international certification of addictions professionals (ICAP) examination of International Certification of addiction professionals (ICAP).

    • Physiology and Pharmacology for Addiction Professionals (UTC 1)
    • Treatment for substance Use Disorders- The Continuum of Care for Addiction Professionals (UTC)
    • Life Skills (Science of Addiction, Self Esteem, Assertion, Decision Making, Stress Management)
    • Common co-Occurring Mental & Medical Disorders- An Overview for Addiction Professionals (UTC 3)
    • Basic Counseling Skills for Addiction Professionals (UTC 4)

    Who Should Attend this Training Workshop?
    1: Drug Treatment & Prevention Professionals
    2: Psychologist
    3: Social Workers
    4: Counselors 5: Doctors
    6: Students of Social Sciences (Psychology, Social work, Sociology, and other related fields)

    1. Future Training Program(s)


    2. Peer Education Training


    MATH is also providing computer, Electrical and tailoring skills since February, 2010 with the support of INL Pakistan. This project was inaugurated by Ms. Carmela Conroy, Consul General, US Consulate Lahore Pakistan.


    Gardening and fish form is now utilized in a wide range of treatment settings including prisons, psychiatric hospitals, mental health programs and addiction rehab. The hospital has the fish form, vegetable form, fruit form and flower nursery and clients are encourage to performs the various duties as way of rehabilitation process. Evidence shows that gardening can have a positive effect on a range of problems, including reducing aggression, lowering cortisol levels, improving self-esteem, helping people to feel less anxious, reducing the severity of depression, and improving concentration in people who are depressed.


    MianAfzal trust Hospital is running Drop-In Centre with the support of United Nations Office On Drugs & Crime (UNODC), Ministry of Narcotics Control (MNC) &Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) since March-08, for the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS among Drug Users (DUs) and Injecting Drug Users (IDUs) through different means. This project is working very effectively and in a proper manner for prevention of transmission of HIV as well as care and support to the DUs/IDUs. Ultimate goal of reduction of HIV transmission, prevent generalized epidemic among DUs/IDUs and to enhance the quality of life of DUs/IDUs.


    Under Process.....